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In the spotlight: Facilitation

Airports: Heathrow, Denver & Santiago

Report back: Conference round-up

Plus: Airport carpets & Moscow’s airport city



Events News
Joe Bates reports on the news, views and personalities from the Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva, Airport Economics & Finance Conference in London and Trinity Forum in Seoul.

ACI news

View from the top
ACI director general, Angela Gittens, reflects on the economic, social and environmental impact of aviation and the industry’s commitment towards sustainable growth.

Reinventing Heathrow
BAA chief executive, Colin Matthews, talks to Joe Bates about the challenges and opportunities facing the world’s busiest international airport.

High life
Denver International Airport is focused on developing its key infrastructure and non-aviation facilities to widen its appeal, writes Carroll McCormick.

Always improving
Chris Beanland finds out more about the ongoing expansion plans of Santiago’s Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport.

Back to basics
DKMA’s James Ingram reflects on the importance of good customer service and getting the basics right. 

Meeting the locals
Robbie Gill considers the advantages of creating a ‘sense of place’ at airports and the impact it can have on retail/F&B sales.

Back in vogue
What are airports doing to cater to the baby boomer generation who are among the world’s most prolific travellers? Cedric Curtis considers the challenges and opportunities for gateways.

Sweet dreams
Tina Walsh finds out more about the customer service benefits and revenue earning potential of ‘sleep cabins’.

Easy travel
Technology has changed passenger facilitation at airports and will make an even bigger impact in the future, writes SITA’s Ilya Gutlin.

Friendly and secure
New passenger screening technology will help make airport security more efficient and customer-friendly, writes Peter Kant.

Recipe for success
Humanising the F&B experience at airports can boost customer satisfaction levels and profits, writes Mark Kassapian.

Access for all
Andy Kennedy and Eric Lipp report on the efforts US airports are making to enhance the travel experience for people with disabilities.

Lounging around
Jessica Twentyman discovers more about the origin, evolution and benefits of the airport lounge.

Thinking ahead
Scott Bergstrom from the Airport of the Future design team at Fentress Architects contemplates what the next 50 years might hold for airport design.

Olympic effort
How are Britain’s airports gearing up for the 2012 Olympic Games in London? Stephen Vaughan investigates.

Moscow’s vision
Dr John Kasarda reports on ambitious plans to develop Moscow Domodedovo into a leading European hub and Russia’s top airport city.

Power shift
Airports are changing business strategies and the way their existing facilities are used to accommodate airline alliances, writes Ian Putzger.

Top of the pile
Robin Stone discovers that the popularity of airport carpets continues to grow, with some even being considered works of art.

Project watch
Dallas Love Field.

ACI’s World Business Partners

Environment news

ACI traffic trends

The last word
Airport World catches up with Gatwick Airport chaplain and president of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, Jonathan Baldwin.

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