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In the spotlight: Leadership

Airports: Marrakech, Warsaw & Spain’s airport system

Regional focus: Africa

Plus: Retail, security and airport anniversaries




ACI news

All change
Aena Aeropuertos CEO, Juan Ignacio Lema, talks to Joe Bates about the ongoing shake-up of Spain’s airport system and what it means for the country.

Thinking ahead
Alex Coxon finds out more about plans to double the capacity of Marrakech-Ménara Airport to keep pace with future demand.


On the right track
With a host of newly opened facilities, others on the way and a new rail link set to open in early 2012, these are exciting times for Warsaw Chopin Airport.


Team ACI World

Meet ACI World’s new leadership team in Montréal and learn more about the the new-look organisation’s ambitions, goals and objectives.

In it for the long-haul
Airport World catches up with nine long-serving airport bosses to find out more about their longevity, what keeps them motivated and their leadership style.

Welcome aboard
New IATA director general and CEO, Tony Tyler, provides his thoughts on leadership, the organisation’s relationship with ACI and the challenges ahead for the aviation industry.

Talking shop
The Nuance Group’s CEO for Europe, Andrea Belardini, talks to Joe Bates about innovation and leadership in the world of airport retail.

Green gateway

Winnipeg’s new state-of-the-art passenger complex is set to become the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified terminal in Canada, writes Philippe Roulston.

Get with the programme
Dr Pierre Coutu explains how the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) is evolving into a ‘community’ and continuing to build momentum.

Always learning
ACI/Concordia University’s Airport Executive Leadership Programme (AELP) has been training the next generation of airport leaders since 2006, writes Paul Behnke.

Investing in people
Dom Welling looks back at some of the highlights of September’s Airport Leadership and Change Management Forum in Dublin.

How times have changed
ACI’s security and facilitation director, Craig Bradbrook, reflects on how airport security today is still very much driven and shaped by the horrific events of 9/11 a decade ago.

Candy man
With 70% of airport purchases made on impulse, confectionary is the sweetest revenue opportunity in travel retail, argues Jack Tabbers of Mars International Travel Retail.

Going mobile
An ever-increasing number of airports are discovering the operational and customer service advantages of adopting mobile technology, writes Mike Benjamin.

Happy birthday!
Joe Bates learns that a host of airports have joined ACI in celebrating milestone birthdays this year.


Liquid test
Ken Mann considers whether we are ready for a relaxation of the current global restrictions on carrying liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) in hand luggage.

Spotlight on Africa
Momberger’s Martin Lamprecht provides a snapshot of the latest airport development news from across the African continent.


All together now
Jim Stevenson considers the operational benefits of collaborative decision-making and ponders why airports have been so slow to embrace the latest advances.

Project watch

Región de Murcia International Airport.


ACI’s World Business Partners

Environment news


The last word
Airport World  gets up close and personal with The World Bank’s lead air transport specialist, Dr Charles Schlumberger

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