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In the spotlight: Investing in Airports

Airports: X’ian, Tampa & Memphis

Retail: Health & beauty

Plus: Airport design & observation platforms


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In this issue…





Music to your ears
Oliver Clark reports from the 2011 Airport Cities World Conference and
Exhibition held at ‘America’s Aerotropolis’ – Memphis, Tennessee.


ACI news


Coping with growth

Xi’an Xianyang’s Wolfgang Weil, talks to Joe Bates about the huge growth
potential of China’s eighth largest airport. READ THIS STORY ONLINE

Big business

Oliver Clark talks to Tampa CEO, Joe Lopano, about his new business strategy for the Florida gateway.



Positive thinking
Chris Kjelgaard discovers that Memphis International Airport remains upbeat about its future growth prospects despite Delta’s recent decision to reduce services at the gateway.

Adding value
Director general, Angela Gittens, considers the importance of ACI’s investment in training and customer service excellence.


An investor’s market?
Joe Bates discovers that airports are back on the radar of some of the world’s leading infrastructure investors. READ THIS STORY ONLINE



The A-Z of global airport operators
Who owns and operates the world’s airports? Joe Bates investigates and talks to some of the key players involved.



Bank on funding
What banking arrangements will best serve an airport operator’s international expansion plans? IBOS Banking Association’s Bob Lyddon provides some tips.


Investing in IT
Saul Wordsworth discovers that airports are increasingly turning to
IT to enhance their capacity and increase operational efficiency.

Designer terminals
Robin Stone reflects on the evolution of the airport terminal and
takes a closer look at five of the world’s most prestigious facilities. READ THIS STORY ONLINE


Investing in the brand
Dominic Welling finds out more about Heathrow’s efforts to improve
its image and the travel experience of passengers. READ THIS STORY ONLINE

Credit where it’s due
Nicolas Painvin considers the different scenarios that impact on the
credit rating of the world’s airports.

Oman spreads its wings
CEO of Oman Airports Management Company, George Bellew, talks to
Sarah Campbell about the Gulf state’s ambitious aviation plans. READ THIS STORY ONLINE

Fit and fabulous
Airports are tapping into the health and wellness trend by offering
their passengers a huge variety of services and products, writes

Viewing time
Are airport viewing platforms making a comeback after being out of
fashion for the best part of 20 years? Chris Beanland investigates. READ THIS STORY ONLINE


Doing the right thing
Developing sustainable strategies and business plans are vital to the
future success of the world’s airports, writes NACO Consultants’ Tim
van Vrijaldenhoven.

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