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In the spotlight: Training & development

Airport: Cochin, Tirana & San Jose

Special focus: Temporary terminals

Plus: ASQ winners, airports seating & security

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In this issue…



The China effect
Oliver Clark reports on the highlights of the 2010 Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition in Beijing.

ACI news

The human touch
ACI director general, Angela Gittens, considers the importance of investing in people and encouraging the best to pursue a career in airport management.

Showcase for Albania
Joe Bates discovers more about one of Europe’s most modern and fastest growing gateways – Tirana International Airport.

Mission completed
The summer completion of Mineta San José’s $1.3 billion development programme heralds the dawn of a new era for the Silicon Valley gateway, writes Dan McCue.

The world in motion
How is Cochin International Airport faring a decade on from its historic opening? Oliver Clark investigates.

People power
ACI’s global training director, Victor de Barrena-Sarobe, explains why managing the ‘human factor’ will be one of the greatest challenges facing the industry in the coming years.

Five of the best
Airport World reviews the five training programmes that are designed to meet the needs of all airport staff.

Women trailblazers
Nicole Nelson talks with some of aviation’s leading ladies to find out more about how they got into the industry and their paths to the top.

Always learning
Incheon International Airport’s CEO, CW Lee, talks to Joe Bates about his gateway’s management philosophy and career development initiatives for staff.

Class act
Airport World  takes a closer look at some of ACI’s training partners and the services they provide.

Home-grown talent
Airports that recognise and reward the talents of existing staff can develop their leaders of tomorrow from within the organisation, writes Richard Lewis.

Brave new world
Nancy Gautier speaks with ICAO’s Nicole Barrette-Sabourin to find out more about its new training initiative.

Going global
ACI is reaching out to the regions with 10 training centres across the world, writes Nancy Gautier.

Winds of change
How will the soon to be introduced EU Directive on Airport Charges affect the continent’s gateways? Richard Sharp considers the possibilities.

We salute you!
Airport World provides a picture review of the 2010 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards ceremony in Hainan.

Upwardly mobile
Oliver Clark looks at the latest developments in temporary terminal design and asks why airports are increasingly choosing them.

Are you sitting comfortably?
High tech solutions and new flexible designs are just some of the trends driving the latest developments in airport seating, writes Louise Driscoll.

Gold in the hold
The Middle East is still very much the boom region for cargo growth, writes Ian Putzger.

Signed, sealed and delivered
Airport World reports on the findings of an academic study that favours the introduction of centralised collection and distribution points for the delivery of supplies to airport terminals.

Ground force
Michael Laubrock tells Airport World about the development of new simulation software designed to help improve ground handling efficiency at airports.

ACI’s World Business Partners

Project watch
Warsaw–Frédéric Chopin Airport.

Environment news
ACI Europe’s environmental strategy manager Chrystelle Damar.

The last word
Airport World gets up close and personal with Foster + Partners’ chief executive, Mouzhan Majidi.

ACI traffic trends

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