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In the spotlight: Marketing & communication

Airport: Dubrovnik, Montevideo

Special focus: Security screening

Plus: ASQ winners & space age jacksonville

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Challenging times
Oliver Clark reports on the highlights of the 2nd Annual ACI Airport Economics and Finance conference.

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ACI news

Latin American beauty
Joe Bates discovers that Montevideo–Carrasco International Airport is one of the most ambitious gateways in Latin America.

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Ready for blast off
Lucy Siebert finds out more about Jacksonville Aviation Authority’s plans to enter the space age.

Growing places
Oliver Clark catches up with Dubrovnik Airport’s new general manager, Roko Tolic, to discuss his vision for the gateway.

Great story
ACI director general, Angela Gittens, reflects on the importance of good marketing and communication and the benefits of the Airport Service Quality programme.

By popular demand
Asia-Pacific gateways once again lead the way in ACI’s annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) passenger satisfaction survey.

Love thy neighbour
The Kenan Institute’s Dr Stephen Appold and Dr John Kasarda explain why successful airports must enjoy a healthy relationship with their neighbours.

Twitter time
In today’s highly competitive world, airports are increasingly turning to social networking sites to communicate with passengers, writes Jessica Twentyman.

Art attack
Why are airports becoming increasingly fascinated with art? Robin
Stone investigates.

In the know
Airports need to embrace IT to improve communication with their customers and generate new revenue streams, writes Stephan Poser.

On the radar
New CANSO director general, Graham Lake, explains why enhancing communication and co-operation operation between aviation’s key stakeholders will be among his top priorities.

Sign of the times
Effective wayfinding utilises tools ranging from psychology to technology to communicate with passengers and boost customer satisfaction levels, writes Nicole Nelson.

The big screen
Do full-body scanners provide the missing link for airport security?
Joe Bates investigates.

Ever changing world
Ron Kuhlmann considers the impact airline alliances have had on airports and how the relationship between the two continues to evolve.

Considering all options
Alan Lamond, aviation director at Pascall+Watson Architects, considers how airport design is adapting to the downturn.

Lasting the distance
How can airports extend the life of security systems in order to maximise their value? Bhaskar Ganguly offers some advice.

Forward thinking
Airport World discovers more about the five-year business development plan of one of Canada’s smallest gateways.

Project watch
Sacramento International Airport.

ACI’s World Business Partners

Environment news

ACI traffic trends

The last word
Spin doctor and author, Ian Taylor, talks to Airport World about news coverage and managing the airport message.

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