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In the spotlight: The capacity crunch

Airport: Phnom Penh, Copenhagen

Special focus: The buying game

Plus: Security, retail & pandemics

In this issue…



World in action
Joe Bates looks back at some of the highlights of the World General Assembly and ACI Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

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ACI news

Making the right choices
ACI director general, Angela Gittens, reflects on the importance of evaluating and managing security risks.

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The next step
Joe Bates finds out that Cambodia’s airport system has undergone a dramatic transformation under the management of its international concessionaire.

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Danish dynamism
Lucy Siebert discovers more about Copenhagen Airport’s new low-cost pier, relationship with its airlines and route development strategy.

The price of success
Investing nearly $50 billion per annum on upgrading their facilities proves that airports haven’t forgotten about the capacity crunch, writes ACI’s economics director, Andreas Schimm.

Europe’s runway race
Europe is running out of runway space – so what can it do about it? Stephen Vaughan investigates.

China’s big build
Planned airport development in Mainland China shows no sign of slowing down, writes Joe Bates.

The quiet revolution
Oliver Clark takes a closer look at pioneering European and US initiatives to ease congestion in the skies.

Efficient design
How can good design effectively increase an airport’s capacity, efficiency and convenience? Curtis Fentress investigates.

Turning to technology
Nimrod Halfon explains how innovative IT solutions can help airports beat the ‘capacity crunch’.

The buying game
What does 2010 hold for airport sales? Simon Morris considers the impact the global recession has had on the market and some potential future deals.

Going up in smoke?
John Blake considers the impact a ban on duty free tobacco sales would have on airport revenues and jobs worldwide.

Tried and tested remedy
Lessons learnt in previous global flu outbreaks are proving invaluable in aviation’s response to the H1N1 virus threat, writes Oliver Clark.

Every which way but lose
Yemmi Agbebi reflects on the impact biometric technology at airports is having on passenger facilitation, access control for staff and border security.

Mr Fix-It
Lucy Siebert caught up with Heathrow’s marketing and insight director, Nick Adderley, to find out how it is trying to make every journey better.

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Project watch
Perth Airport.

ACI’s World Business Partners

Environment news

ACI traffic trends

The last word
Airport World gets up close and personal with Yo! Company founder, Simon Woodroffe.

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