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In focus: Outsourcing/partenships

Airports: Kuala Lumpur & Bermuda

Special report: Green energy

Plus: Security, winning strategies & mascots

In this issue…



Time for change
Joe Bates rounds up the action from September’s Airport Business & Trinity Forum in Macau.

ACI news

Moving forward
Managing director, Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, talks to Peta Tomlinson and Joe Bates about the continued development and transformation of Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

On the map
How is traffic holding up at Bermuda’s gateway to the world, LF Wade International Airport? Chris Kjelgaard investigates.

Sustaining business excellence
ACI director general, Angela Gittens, writes on how airports can strategise for the future by founding strong and lasting business partnerships.

One vision
Joanne Paternoster considers the benefits of outsourcing and the impact it can have on customer satisfaction levels at airports.

Everyone’s a winner
IT outsourcing delivers a win-win-win situation for airports, airlines and the travelling public, writes Bob Kwik.

International affairs
Airports outsourcing the management of key facilities or even the entire gateway to other airport operators has become commonplace across the globe, writes Joe Bates.

Green goals
Aviation’s roadmap for a reduced carbon future is an example of industry partnership at its best, writes Haldane Dodd.

Ticking the right boxes
Successful airports need recruitment partners to ensure they get the right people for the right job, writes Richard Lewis.

Trading places
Lynn McDevitt and Mike Tretheway discover that although airport concession revenues are down, many US gateways are outperforming downtown shopping centres.

Powerhouse for partnership?

Tina Milton finds out more about what Autogrill has to offer its airport partners, the synergies achieved to date and if it really is a force to be reckoned with.

Training partners
ACI’s decision to team up with ICAO to create the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) has redefined the training manual, writes Paul Behnke.

All change at ACI’s ICAO Bureau
Nancy Gaultier reports on a change at the top at ACI’s ICAO Bureau.

Thinking outside the box
Diversification, differentiation and innovation offer airports strategies for success in a today’s world, writes David Feldman.

What next for TAV?
Joe Bates talks to TAV CEO, Dr Sani Şener, about his company’s expanding airport portfolio and ambitions for the future.

Liquid lessons
Stephen Hogan reports on EU moves to lift the restrictions on liquids and gels, and the implications for airport security.

Asset protection
Security issues must be considered a key priority when designing and constructing new airport terminals, writes Darius Aibara.

What’s yours called?
Robin Stone discovers more about airport mascots and how they are being used to boost the image of gateways across the globe.

Anything is possible
Joe Bates takes a closer look at ambitious plans to create Africa’s first airport city in Nigeria’s Niger state.

Green power
Airports are fast becoming pioneers in the use of green and renewable energy solutions, write Chris LeTourneur and Andrew Fayn.

Project watch

Borg El Arab Airport.

ACI’s World Business Partners

Environment news

ACI traffic trends

The last word
Airport World catches up with one of the best-known faces in the airport industry, Manfred Momberger.

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