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ACC identifies $31.7 billion in renovation related projects at US airports


The Airport Consultants Council (ACC) claims to have identified more than $31 billion in rehabilitation and maintenance projects at 46 US airports, based on responses to one of its surveys conducted earlier this year.

In February, it released an updated report providing an overview of more than 100 airports’ upcoming capital development spending needs through the year 2024, equating to more than $138 billion in planned projects.

The majority of identified projects focused on terminal redevelopment and expansion, climate change mitigation, infrastructure resiliency development, and more.

In light of recent developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the drastic reduction in travel, ACC further examined the survey results to determine what proportion of the $138 billion in funding could be attributed solely to planned renovation and rehabilitation of existing systems and infrastructure, as opposed to capacity expansion and development.

It says that it extrapolated this data as airports across the country temporarily pull back on planned capacity projects and possibly seek other areas of needed improvements at their facilities.

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