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Apple Maps to show ACI’s airport COVID-19 health measures data


ACI today announced that its world airport COVID-19 health measures data will now be displayed in Apple Maps, making it possible for travellers to more easily access airport health guidance and help prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Now iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can simply search for an airport in Apple Maps and find an airport’s COVID-19 web page or local requirements for passengers directly on the airport place card.

Using information collected from airports through ACI’s web-based Health Measures Portal, ACI data captures new health-related measures implemented at airports in response to COVID-19.

More detailed information about the health measures in place at individual airports around the world is also available through ACI’s Check & Fly mobile app and passenger portal.

The Check & Fly app provides a way for airports to communicate to passengers directly about what to expect when they plan to travel, helping them to meet any requirements, and making their journeys smoother and more efficient.

There is ongoing work with airports to pilot further solutions to aid recovery of the industry, including a standard for Airport Health Testing and Travel Information.

“The recovery of air travel will rely on passenger confidence in the industry’s focus on their health and welfare,” said ACI World director general, Luis Felipe de Oliveira.

“Having this information displayed in Apple Maps will help to make this crucial data much more broadly accessible to passengers. This will help passengers to plan their journeys and be reassured that their health and safety remains a priority for the industry as we all work towards a sustained return to operations and global connectivity.

“Collaboration remains key to a globally coordinated recovery and we are grateful to our members for the partnership we have forged to deliver this important tool that will contribute to the rebuilding of passenger confidence in air travel.”

The data is also available via an Application Programming Interface (API) and is in line with the Aviation Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS) standard that enables third parties such as airlines and app developers, to access data.

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